Beyond the
obvious with
Context-aware AI

Equip your teams with our Explainable & Context-Aware Recognition AI, experienced through an intuitive, conversational interface.

Contextualize Data,
Converse With Insights

Bordo is an AI Software as a service (SaaS) that helps organizations
connect, contextualize, and derive deep-rooted insights from their high-dimensional data.

Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed and effective business decisions with a nuanced understanding of the intricacies within data.
Competitive Edge: Understand data on a deeper level to spot opportunities, identify potential risks, and respond swiftly to market changes.

Explainable, Context-Aware Recognition AI

Data with Context

Make smarter, more informed decisions by unearthing hidden and complex patterns across your organization’s data sources.

Explainable AI

Understand the “why” behind AI-driven recommendations, and foster the trust and accountability your organization needs to confidently embrace AI technologies.

Intuitive Interaction

Complex analysis and insights become accessible and natural with intuitive Conversational Visualization tools, regardless of technical expertise.

Use Cases

We’re building flexible, use-case and domain agnostic tools configurable to empower you to solve hard business challenges. Bordo is exploring new use cases where deep context can enable experts to see complex patterns in massive data.

Healthcare Outcomes & Transformation

Enhancing patient care through data-driven insights and transformative solutions.

Recommendation Engine Optimization

Optimizing recommendation engines by leveraging data for personalized experiences.

Financial & Medical Fraud Prevention

Detecting and preventing fraudulent activities in financial and medical domains.

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

Safeguarding digital landscapes with advanced tools against evolving threats.


Explainable, Context-Aware Recognition AI

Our vision is to empower organizations with Explainable & Context-Aware Recognition AI, accessible through a conversational visualization, to help unravel complex problems and accelerate growth.


Regis Rogers
Co-founder & CEO

Technology leader with expertise in AI, Enterprise IT and Cyber Security; former executive at GE; previous Cyber Security leader at Fortune 500 Bank; MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business

Krunal Patel
Co-founder & CPO

Product and Engineering management leader with focus on emerging AI, ML, graph technology; former co-founder; previous director at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; Masters of Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, HEC Paris

Noriko Wade
Co-founder & COO

Operations leader with expertise in Enterprise IT, Cyber Security and Strategic Execution; former transformation leader at GE and executive director at Fortune 100 Bank; MBA & MIS from NCCU, BA Degrees from UNC- Chapel Hill

Values we live by

Bordo believes that the best partners serve customers with integrity. This culture of excellence and service permeates everything we do. We believe in creating augmented intelligence tools that leverage the innate capability and expertise of your team.


Leading by serving


Honoring others before ourselves


Living according to these values


Pursuing superior results


Encouraging the good in others


Leveraging various gifts and backgrounds

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